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Corrections Division 

The Morehouse Parish Jail is located at 250 East Walnut Street

 Phone #318-281-9336

The Morehouse Parish Annex is located at 4729 Eugene Ware Road 

Phone #318-281-1625.

The Morehouse Parish Detention Center is located at 6444 Patey Road in Collinston 

Phone #318-874-7855

Correct Solutions Telephone Account & Deposit Information

Prepaid Collect Call Accounts allow your loved one to call you either at home or on your

mobile device. You can create an account and deposit money conveniently and securely.

Inmates can use the funds on this account to make calls only to the telephone number

designated on that account.

PIN Debit Accounts allow your loved one to choose who they want to call with the funds

placed on the account. The inmate is assigned a unique PIN number to access their

account to make phone calls including International calls.

There are 4 payment options for

customers to use to make a deposit. 

(You must create an account at to use the following options.)

1. By Phone—Call 877.618.3516 toll free and speak to a friendly Customer Service


2. By Automated Payment System—Call our Customer Service number and choose

Option 2.

3. By Web

4. By Mobile App-(Click below to download)

You may use a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) and there is a processing fee

per transaction. ($3.00 for Web, App, Automated; $5.95 for deposit with customer

service rep)


LA VINE Rosters

LA VINE, which succeeds LAVNS, has a feature called "ROSTERS". By re-deploying LA VINE offender data, "Rosters" provides each jail with a "live" roster updated every 30 minutes. Each website appears as though it was created just for that Sheriff's office, listing the offenders in custody, along with DOB, Gender and Race. By clicking on the logo, victims can quickly register against an offender -- all from your Roster!

Goals of the Rosters:

The roster data comes from the jail's Jail Management System (JMS), which is already being used from the LA VINE data feed. This re-using of data saves time and money.

The roster allows a jail to quickly audit its data. By viewing the Roster data for a particular jail, the agency can quickly determine if the data is accurate. This auditing, in turn, serves LA VINE and your agency by providing victims with accurate and timely information.

Victims can register against any offender on the Roster; thus, providing a quick, easy way for victims to register -- all while on the Agency's website.

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