TRIAD means a three-way commitment between the Sheriff, the Chief(s) of Police and the older or retired leaders. They agree to work together to enhance the delivery of law enforcement services to older persons.

TRIAD of Morehouse was organized in 1996, and it's major purpose is to develop, expand, and implement effective crime prevention and education programs for older citizens. TRIAD of Morehouse is working to improve the quality of life for our senior citizens by providing them an opportunity to exchange information with law enforcement through monthly S.A.L.T. Council Meetings, Citizens Academies and "hands-on" involvement in Neighborhood Watch Programs.

TRIAD of Morehouse meets the second Monday of each month at 4:00 P.M. at Timberland Terrace Community Room. The Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office representative to TRIAD of Morehouse is Sgt. Lucille Kennedy.

For more information on
TRIAD call (318) 281-4141
Sgt. Lucille Kennedy